How can I register my child?

You can only register using the online form. Because you will be concluding a binding agreement with us, we cannot do the registration on your behalf. Choose the location of your preference and proceed through the stages of the enrollment process. Please ensure you provide your correct e-mail address, since all of the communication will take place by e-mail.

How long do I have to register my child?

You can register your child either until the clinic is sold out or until registrations are closed. The registration deadline is different every year.

Can I register a child who is not my own?

Of course, but only with the permission of its parent or legal guardian. Please provide the e-mail address to which information about the Clinic should be sent.

How do I find out whether my registration has worked and whether my child has been accepted?

As soon as you register, we will send confirmation to the e-mail address you provided. Please check your spam folder if you do not see it. Once you have received this confirmation, a space will be safely reserved for your child.

How old must my child be to attend the Clinic?

Our training concept is designed for children of 6 to 17 years of age. It might change per year.

My child is a goalkeeper. Do you also offer special clinic for goalkeepers?

Yes, but it will not be given everyday of the clinics and depends on the demand. The clothing you will receive is the same as for the regular Clinics; there is currently no separate goalkeeper kit. Please remember to bring suitable gloves and tracksuit trousers to the training sessions if necessary.

Do you also offer clinics with overnight accommodation?

No, all of our clinics are purely day clinics that start at 8:30 a.m. and finish at 12.30 p.m. Divided in groups.

My child is not yet 6 years of age but would like to attend.

If a child is not quite 6 years old, we leave it up to the parents to decide whether they can attend. If you and your child think that he or she is fit enough and keen enough to attend the Clinic, then register them by all means.

My child does not play actively for any particular club. Can they take part anyway?

Of course. If your child is keen for training focused football, then there is nothing to stop them registering. Simply enter “no club” in the Club field.

My child has intolerances/allergies, etc. What should I do?

When you register you will see a box marked “Allergies”. You can provide us with the information there.

We found out about the clinic too late and registrations on the website are already closed. Can my child still attend?

It is not usually possible to register after registrations have closed, but you are welcome to get in touch with us and we will do our best to accommodate you. There is no way of registering once the clinic has begun. Send us an email at info@frmclinicsfrenchantilles.com with the request and we will let you know if any spots become available.

I would like to cancel my registration. Can I?




What payment methods are available?

The registration fee can be paid by a bank transfer (within seven days).

Do I receive a receipt of payment?

If you choose the bank transfer payment method, you will receive a confirmation from us by e-mail as soon as your payment has been received with a receipt. This generally takes between two and five working days.

Will I lose my place if I forget to pay on time?

No, your registration is binding and place is reserved for you. If you forget to pay, you will receive a payment reminder from us. The first payment reminder is free. Punctual payment is essential since you cannot participate if you do not pay.

Can I pay cash when I arrive?

Cash payments cannot be accepted. A bank payment in advance is essential to us.

Is there a siblings discount?

Unfortunately, our prices are so tightly calculated that we are unable to offer any sibling discount at this time.

My child loves playing football but we are not in a financial position to enable them to participate. Can you subsidise entry for us?

We are not able to subsidise participants, but there is nothing against you looking for a sponsor yourself.

My child did not attend the clinic after all. So I won’t need to pay the registration fee, will I?

Registration is binding. Not coming to the clinic does not release you from your duty to pay. If you didn't cancel before the start of the clinic or in the given cancellation period you will be charged and will have to pay.



What are the jersey sets like? Are half-sizes available?

The jersey sets are genuineadidas products so they are similar to other adidas jerseys. Our jersey sets come in the following sizes: YS, YM, YL, YXL, S, M & L. Unfortunately we don’t have half-sizes in stock. Also, these are sets, so we can’t supply combinations such as differently sized shorts and shirts. When in doubt, we suggest ordering the bigger size. 

When will we receive the clothing?

The jersey set will be handed out by the coaches one day before or on the first day of the clinic, at the venue. Players will receive their gifts on the last day of the clinic at the closing event.

Where can I get more information about the Clinic I’ve booked?

You will receive an e-mail containing all of the relevant information about your registration about a week before the clinic begins. Look occasionally in your spam folder as well. You can also follow us on instagram and like our facebook page.

What should my child take to the clinics?

Please provide them with football cleats, shin guards, sunscreen and a rainproof jacket. In our experience it is also worth bringing along plasters for blisters, since a lot of players will be unaccustomed to the amount of running around. We will provide fruit & hydration (Water) during clinic hours suitable for athletes. *Note; we do not provide breakfast or lunch.

Our children really want to be in one group. Can you make a note of that?

The coaches divide the children up into groups on the first day of the clinic. You can tell them then and they will consider accommodation if they can.

Do the children get breakfast or lunch?

No, but we will provide fruits & hydration (Water) during clinic hours suitable for athletes.

Can my child take a shower at the venue after training?

They can if they want to under supervision of our local partner. But we strongly discourage showering since we cannot guarantee any supervision there by FRM Clinic Staff. FRM Clinic Staff loses all responsibility of the child as soon as the training session finishes for that day.

Can I watch during training? Do I have to be there?

You are welcome to watch although you do not have to. But under no circumstances can the parent(s) enter the field, dressing rooms or give instructions during the clinic hours. We are always very glad when lots of families turn up for the closing event on the last day of the clinic.

What is the Madrid Experience nominations?

One player will be chosen in each clinic to have a full paid trip to Madrid, Spain. 

This includes; Plane tickets & hotel to/in Madrid, Transport, Food, A visit to Cuidad Deportiva Real Madrid, Visiting the museum and tickets to a game at the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium.

When will this nomination take place of the players for the Madrid Experience in Madrid, Spain?

Nomination of the chosen player for the Madrid Experience in Madrid, Spain will be announced in the closing ceremony on the last day of the clinic.

My child was nominated for the Madrid Experience in Madrid, Spain. When will we receive further information?

Everyone who has been chosen will be informed by e-mail at some point. There will also be an announcement on the website, facebook and instagram about the nominations. If you do not receive any information by e-mail, get in touch with us: info@frmclinicsfrenchantilles.com.

If my child wasn't nominated for the Madrid Experience, can he also participate on this experience?

Of course, but the parent(s) of the child will have to cover the cost of the trip. If you want more information contact us: info@frmclinicsfrenchantilles.com

Our jersey was lost/damaged/misappropriated/too small. Can we order another set?

Our jerseys are only available in conjunction with attending the clinic. Unfortunately we cannot sell any other jerseys.

My child grew unexpectedly since registering. Can I change the size?

As long as the jerseys have not yet been produced and order hasn't been placed, changing the size is no problem. You can check the status by sending us an email and updating your requested sizes. We will charge you $10 handling fee per change.

My child injured themselves during training and had to go to the doctor. What happens in terms of insurance?

Players are all health-insured through their parents, not through the Real Madrid Foundation Clinics French Antilles in other words we are not to be held responsible for the costs. If they are injured before the clinics start and this curtails their attendance at the clinic, we will unfortunately not be able to refund anything or see above question "I would like to cancel my registration. Can I?".

During Clinics Rules


Can my child wear other clothes than the FRM Clinics kit?

Absolutely not, your child/children must at all times wear the FRM Clinics kit that was given on the first day of the clinic everyday.

What happens if my child goes to training with other clothes?

Your child will not be able to participate in the training. He will be suspended for the day or until he has his FRM Clinics kit. This measure is due to that we need to maintain the image of the foundation and sponsors.

Is there some way my child has to behave during the clinic?

No, but we only ask for discipline and respect for the staff and fellow players.

What happens if my child misbehaves?

Your child will be warned and will be given a penalty according to his misbehavior.

Notice: The highest punishment a child can receive during the clinics is immediate suspension from the clinic. 

What happens if my child gets suspended?

If your child gets suspended he will not be able to participate anymore in the remaining clinic days indefinite. 

Will I get a refund if my child gets suspended?

No, you will not be refunded.

What happens if my child arrives late to training?

If your child arrives late he will be verbally warned not to arrive late again. The second time he arrives late to training he will be suspended for that day.